Aloha~ Thank you for visiting our new website. Team Aloha Design Co. started up by two current college design students from The University of Hawaii named Kai & Leilani and one creative minded Entrepreneur  Lauralee from Honolulu/ Los Angeles . We strive to design unique pieces around the outdoor lifestyle that we all have been blessed with. Each team members of Team Aloha Design Co. will create designs from their own unique backgrounds. For example; Kai has been surfing since he could walk and he has so many designs in the works for all you Surfers. Leilani is all about her Aloha Spirit and Nature which allows her to have a vast design portfolio to share with you. And Lauralee the last team member has a background as a travel agent, designing travel products and has a wide knowledge of Everything Hawaiian. Her portfolio is filled with various inspirations of different island cultures. Our team hopes you will enjoy our designs because each individual brings something very unique and a special meaning. Each items sold online gives us drive and motivation to illustrate more creative pieces to share with you.

Team Aloha Design Co. has made a commitment to donate a portion of our proceeds to The Children Miracle Network in Hawaii to help countless children in need. Most people think of Hawaii as a paradise living, but in the last Census: 1 in 6 Hawaiian residents live in poverty.  Their healthcare is very taxing on families, so our team wants to make sure we do everything possible to help. We have set up a Charity Affiliate Dept. for the Children's Miracle Network in Hawaii. Here you can shop for everyday items like you normally do online except your purchases are donated by helping a child or family. We Thank You in Advance for checking our website. We humbly appreciate supporting our helpful cause.  We aim to bring shoppers the best and most interesting products and have a happy shopping experience ~ Mahalo!


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